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Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser

Slaai™ Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser Bamboo Booster™
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A Taker + a Giver

A buttery cleansing balm, PEG-free and formulated with clean antioxidant rich fruit extracts and oils

  • Removes excess oil, grime and makeup
  • Leaves behind a dewy glow
how to

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  • apply dry

    Apply a spoonful on dry skin,
    using dry fingertips

  • massage to melt

    Use circular motions and massage over face and eyes*

  • waterdrops-2

    Add Water To Activate

    Continue to massage, then rinse well and pat dry

Dual purpose cleansing

  • moon


    CLEANSE with Slaai™ to remove dirt and makeup

  • sun


    EXFOLIATE with Bamboo Booster™ to slough and refine*

Slaai™ Bamboo Booster™

bamboo booster™

  • Tiny, ultrafine bamboo and charcoal spheres gently exfoliate
  • Mix with Slaai™ during the day for a gentle, customized skin-refining exfoliation

*avoid eye area when using the exfoliating booster


Slaai™ Key Ingredients

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  • mongongo oil

    has a fatty acid profile as rich as coconut oil that protects the vital lipids in skin as it melts dirt and other impurities from skin.

  • fruit salad blend

    a mix of non-fragrant soothing fruit extracts and replenishing fruit oils that help comfort + moisturize skin.

  • baobab seed oil

    super-penetrating oil that intensely softens and helps dissolve makeup with its high fatty acid content and deep moisturizing properties.


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